Unblock Toilet

Blocked toilets can be an absolute nuisance and happen to be a very common problem in Dublin households.

Causes of blocked toilets:

Blocked drain line: old drain lines are not the most reliable as they can block due to regular waste and paper products being pushed in.

  • Foreign objects: i.e. baby wipes, cotton balls, female hygiene products, etc that should not be flushed down the toilet as these items do not dissolve in water which can break blockages in the toilet.
  • Hard water: Some households may have a high mineral content in their water. The minerals in hard water can calcify and form a white substance, that causes a blockage that waste can’t travel through which blocks the toilet.
  • Low flush toilets: they are a great idea for reducing the amount of water being used in households and keeping water bills as low as possible. However, these toilets can cause issues with low water pressure as they have too little power to push waste into the drains.

We offer a wide range of expert toilet drain unblocking services including,

  • Unblock toilet, sink & bath drains
  • Drainage leaks and repairs
  • Includes CCTV Inspection where required
  • A single price for Repairing your Drains
  • High pressure water jetting Dublin
  • Domestic & Commercial Drain Maintenance

At Expert Drain, we have an excellent team of drain engineers, who have plenty of experience in drain clearance and will clear the blockage at an affordable price and at a time that best suits you. If you have an emergency a member of our drain engineers team can be with you as soon as possible. We unblock toilets easily by using our high-tech drain rods and water jetting machinery.

If you need a toilet unblocked, call Expert Drain today!

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