Did you know that Expert Drain specialise in the installation of Ratflap in Dublin. Can you hear rats in the walls, ceilings or attic of your home? they are most likely entering your home through the sewer system underneath your property.

Some signs that rats are present on your property include:

  • rat holes (approximately 50-60mm in diameter around your drain covers or manhole covers)
  • rat droppings
  • rat nests
  • rat foot prints

If you’ve noticed suspicious signs of rats in your business or property, it’s important to act immediately to control the level of infestation.
The only way to ensure the rats stay at bay is by installing a Rat flap to your drains.
The Ratflap works by preventing the rodents from accessing the sewage pipes from the outside while still allowing the free flow of water and waste from the inside.

Benefits of Ratflap:

  • An instant solution to rat invasions under floor boards, in walls or in attic as rats do return to the sewer for getting food very often.
  • Eliminates the cost or delays of investigative work, e.g.: drain CCTV surveys, lifting floor boards, removing plasterboards.
  • The Rat Flaps can be installed in either the inlet or outlet pipe direction in Manholes or
    Armstrong junctions.
  • At Expert Drain, the Ratflap device is available in sizes 4” (100mm) and 6”(150mm), other sizes are available on demand.

If you have any inquiries on Ratflap or would like to order one and have it fitted Contact Expert Drain today on 087 2195709 or email us through our contact page.

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