Drain Repair

A compromised drain can cause collateral damage to your property when not repaired quickly by a professional drain company. Our drain repair team will give recommendations on how to prevent future problems caused by tree root ingress or build-up of debris. You may also want to consider our Drain Cleaning and Maintenance Services, which keep your drains free from debris that might cause problems if left to build up.

Warning signs of drain impairment are:

  • Odd bubbling sounds as water drains
  • Abnormal smells coming from drains
  • Draining takes longer than usual
  • Frequent blockages
  • Stagnant water in showers or sinks
  • Toilets that frequently overflow or back up

If you notice any of these signs that might mean that your drain is damaged, it is time to get your drain repaired before the problem escalates. Expert Drain repair service can find the exact position the repair is required using a CCTV Drain Survey or if known we can quickly repair the problem by either replacing, or sleeving part of the pipe. Our quoted drain repair prices are as advertised and contain no concealed charges.

Our drain repair service includes:

  • No hidden charges for Equipment Hire
  • Full Inspection Report where required
  •  CCTV Inspection where required
  • A standard price for Repairing your Drains


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Domestic Drain Clearing Services

Our Expert Drain team of engineers are on hand across Dublin to help with your drain issues such as blocked drains, blocked toilets, blocked showers, no dig technology drain repairs or replacement drains.
Expert Drain Cleaning and clearing of drain blockages. We use the latest in high pressure water jetting machines.
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The Ratflap is probably the the most effective rat prevention tool you can use in your drains.
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A CCTV drain survey is an effective way to properly diagnose the problem without the need to excavate the ground.
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Damaged drains should be fixed quickly and by a professional. Our drain repair engineers are on hand to help.
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