Epros Drain Packer Repair kit Video

Drain Relining – Patch Drain Repairs

Drain relining or no-dig technology is a way of repairing damaged drainpipes by installing a new liner into the old damaged pipe. Our experienced engineers at Expert Drain offer a drain relining and a patch drain repair service. This service offers a quick and very cost effective solution to repairing broken and damaged pipework.

Method of drain relining:

  • The first step is to examine the drainage system and locate any damaged or defective pipework.
    We use our CCTV drainage cameras to highlight these areas and to determine the best repair
    method to use .
  • The next step is the Cleaning of pipes to prevent any clogs during the relining. The intrusions i.e. tree roots are extracted during this process. Then high-pressure water jetting machine is used to clear the pipe of any debris.
  • The pipes are examined again to make sure all intrusions have been removed from the pipes.
  • Preparations are made for installing the lining ie: method of relining, type of pipelining needed etc.
  • The installation of the lining in the drain.

As you can see from the video, the Drain Packer method is suitable for the sectional repair of damaged buried gravity sewer pipes and pressurized pipelines.

Benefits of using the Drain Packer method

  • Repairs damage in the pipe and joint region over a length of 0.5 metres to 5 metres even in case of strong infiltration.
  • Enables installers to close lateral junctions.
  • Can repair circular and egg-shaped pipes made of concrete, asbestos cement, plastics , cast iron, vitrified clay, reinforced concrete and Cast Iron.

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