Need a CCTV Drain Survey?

Expert Drain are located in the heart of Dublin and complete several CCTV drain surveys in the Dublin area every day. CCTV drain survey will get to the root of your drainage issue and we will be able to offer our advise on how best to solve the problem efficiently and effectively. The drainage system in your property can deteriorate over the years due to many factors like ground movement, poor construction and even tree root penetration. In most cases we have came across the First indications of a major drain problem quite often materialise as inconvenient and regular blockages.

When to have a CCTV Drain Survey

We specialise in carrying out CCTV drain surveys before you purchase your new property, a new home extension or to pin point a blockage in the drain system that may have been on going for several years. The expense of a CCTV drain survey will be recouped by the savings on any future maintenance or repairs as it’s easy to target the quickly and precisely, with the correct method first time. Once we have completed the CCTV drain survey, we will provide you with the following information:

  • A full CCTV drainage survey condition report
  • An outline plan for any drainage works required
  • CCTV Drain Survey Video footage (on USB Data Stick or by Email)
  • Our recommendation on how to repair any drain defects

Having completed the CCTV drain survey, we will provide you with an estimate for any remedial drain repair work needed. This could include the replacing of the drain or relining of the drain if necessary, or to complete a deep clean or a drain de-scale.

Home Buyers Drain Survey

As part of our CCTV drain survey service we offer second hand home buyers the opportunity to check the drains and pipes in there new home pre-purchase. These drain surveys are often required by mortgage companies and insurers alike. At Expert Drain, we can uncover the truth about your potential home’s drains condition to help you decide whether or not your property of interest drains are working correctly.

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Domestic Drain Clearing Services

Our Expert Drain team of engineers are on hand across Dublin to help with your drain issues such as blocked drains, blocked toilets, blocked showers, no dig technology drain repairs or replacement drains.
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A CCTV drain survey is an effective way to properly diagnose the problem without the need to excavate the ground.
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